Welcome to my Reflected Journal

– This is the start of a new chapter in my life. –

I am a 20 year old girl from Norway, settled in Copenhagen Denmark. I moved here in september 2016 and I wanted to study. Which did not end just the way I wanted, but HEY – I’m in another country, exploring the world piece by piece. From our apartment here in Denmark I’m now studying Graphic Design at Noroff’s online studies from January and a year ahead. And during the two days I’ve now used to finding my way through the study-planform that we use(Moodle), I’ve figured out that there is an amazing year ahead of me. We start on the tasks I want right away and we are going to do at least 50-60% of the studies creatively and practical, which suits me perfectly.

As the perfectionist that I am, I’ll probably use a lot of time completing and solving the tasks that we are handed at Mondays each week and should (usually) be submitted within the end of each week. Luckily we do have vacations and follow the regular school holidays for Kristiansand.

During the 20 years that I’ve put behind me I’ve finished kindergarthen, primary school, Upper Secondary School and a one year program in economics. And all of those years I’ve spent a lot of spare-time drawing, painting and doing a lot of different creative stuff. So that I’ve now ended up study Graphic Design is just a perfect solution for my eager wanting to draw and doodle everywhere. Now it is important that I sketches a lot of ideas and making my imagination into real life design.

The purpose of this website and blog will be to submit reports including how and why I solved the tasks the way I did. And reflect over the process, write down challenges I met during the prosess, how I solved them and my feelings around the process and the finished result.

For my own practical reasons I’ve here listed my fellow students at the course, both full-time and part-time students, and their homepage. So that we can follow each other and comment on the work we do:

Full time

Part time


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