LA – week 3

As I started the studies here at Noroff the rest of the students already had started the third week of this semester. So when I got to know the platform Moodle, that we use to hand in and receive tasks, I played around on the platform to find information and understand how this site worked. I also tried to get an overview of the tasks and assignments they already had been handed out. This LA (learning activity) was made for me, and I actually started playing around with ideas for this a long time before I actually finished all the sketches. I thought this was good for me because I got more inspiration on my way to end all of the 15 sketches. It felt like I was stuck on some of the ideas and I needed to put this task away to clean my mind with something else for an amount of time. I thought it was hard to make a full label each time I sketched, so in the end I ended up just doing a new logo or an image to apply to the label. I really liked to do it this way so that I didn’t feel like the logo and the image HAD to be on the same label. I played around with the text and drawings to make the best combination of elements to end up with the best result I could provide right now.


In the third week I felt that I already knew a lot of the information we were handed and had to read, but I haven’t really thought about why I did it this way. So this week I didn’t feel like I had to do a lot of research to understand what we where supposed to learn, but I did open my eyes to the ways I already did things. It was good to get a confirmation of that the way I’ve been doing is the “right” or most productive way to solve challenges. Also I have been working a little time in Illustrator so it was easy for me to get around in Illustrator and solve this task here as well. I am really satisfied with the outcome of this task. I love the task like this and I’m looking forward to do more of them and provide myself with more knowledge in the Adobe programs.

I will submit a small amount of pictures which displays the process of the label in Illustrator and finally the finished result.




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