Learning Activity – week 2

Each week we’re presented with one or more LA (learning activities) that should be submitted to our blog with a reflected journal. The blog post should contain what we did, how we did it and why we did it that way.

When I first started this Learning Activity I felt like a question mark. But when I first started play around with the ideas around the riddles it became so much more fun to work with. So I used some time just to get an idea about how I wanted to present my answers to the riddles. And since I’ve started the Graphic Design studies, I thought to myself, why not present the answers as illustrations of what I think would be de simplest or most fun way to answer the riddles. So I ended up doing some sketches and then give them a clear outline and do some colors. My boyfriend and me played around with the ideas, so that I was sure how the drawings would look like before I started on them. And this is what they ended up looking.



The first riddle was quite unlikely but it was fun to play with the idea of giving one of the bicycle wheels to the car. And then they both could drive home. Three car wheels and one bicycle wheel on the car, and the girl was so good driving the bike that she could drive home on only on wheel. The second riddle was about the Russian couple. I couldn’t find any other way to solve the riddle other that experimenting with the gender of the couple or if the child was adopted or not. But to do it simple to understand I chose to present a stereotype couple with a newborn child. The third one is inspired by the style on the drawings drawn by Peyton in the series One Three Hill. This style has been in my mind since I first saw it probably 6-7 years ago. It’s a dark style, almost “emo-ish” touch to the drawings. It was fun to finally do something in this style. And the last riddle I don’t know if I cheated or just nailed the answer. But I moved the glass one time, and in the move I poured the water over to the fifth glass in the line.
This was a pleasant way to start the creativity to flow!


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