LA week 4-5

Understanding Positioning

 In this task I’ll describe in my own words what I consider is the positioning of the logos from Coca Cola, Volkswagen and VISA. To start I want to say that all of the listed logos are, as you see, popular and world known. They have all a strong logo that is simple to recognize.

Coca Cola has this red background and their name written in the very familiar Coca Cola logo font in white. It is a simple and easy recognizable logo, and the red color makes you feel the happiness and love that they always use in different ways to communicate their advertisings. I get the feeling of a warm affiliation and happiness when I look at the logo. These reactions in the consumers are strong emotions that make faithful customers. I think Coca Cola has a strong positioning that cover the whole world. Coca Cola is a big company and has been around since 1886 when the soda was first invented. They’ve had a long time to implement the drink in the regular household, and each Christmas they have the advertising with the Coca Cola Santa and the song Shake Up Christmas by Train which start with the sentence “Shake up the happiness …”, it has and a happy melody and I think this song is a good example of what we get from their advertising. By the advertisings I’ve also feel that everyone is seen and has this same affiliation, even if you brown, white, small or big. You can look like yourself and have your own hometown all over the world and still be a part of the Coca Cola community.

Overall Coca Cola is a big company that plays its cards on the fellowship, happiness and love. They have a strong personality and are felt differently from the rest of the cola-taste companies. The logo presents a clear identification and is impossible to confuse with other companies. They also form a personal relationship through the advertising with all the different origins and looks. The target group is absolutely everyone.


Volkswagens logo is a circle with the V and W implemented in a metallic styled logo and the blue background. When I think of Volkswagen I don’t have any personal experiences or any special things that comes in mind when seeing the logo. Except that it obviously produce cars. VW has a strong name in the car industry, but for me personally I don’t know so much about it. This might be because my parents never owned a VW car and I haven’t had a reason to develop a personal relationship to the brand. The target group is grown up people (must have a car certificate) that are going to buy a new car. It is a world known company but I don’t feel like the logo speaks the brands specialties. When I search the internet I figured out that they actually has two really known and legendary cars that “everyone” has seen before, and that is the original “Boblen” or in English “Beetle”, but produced with the name VW Type 1. And another legendary car is the “Hippie Van” with the production name VW Type 2, which was the bigger car that could fit 4 benches with seats. When I think of VW I think that this is a standard priced car suitable for families, and maybe has some cool, hipster cars but to an affordable price. The name Volkswagen should mean “people’s automobile”, and has in the earlier years built its branding on safety and trustfulness.

I think that the company Volkswagen has a strong positioning if you’re looking at cars. Within the group of people that are going to buy a car the most people will do research before buying a car, and then you’ll find a lot of great sources to develop a picture of the company. It has an easy recognizable logo that is different from the competition. But the cars seem to be somewhat similar to what other big brands such as Volvo, Toyota and Ford present. I haven’t got a message from the brand or felt a clear identification in the sea of all the cars that are presented except from the Beetle and Hippie Van I feel that they glides into the diversity of cars.
VISA is a world known electronic payment service. The VISA logo is spelling VISA in a seemingly regular font, with a little touch on the V. The letters are blue and background is white, and has a blue stripe over and a gold/orange stripe under. The logo is something that everyone that owns a payment card will have in his or her wallet. It’s a strong company that doesn’t even seem to have any competitors, just the MasterCard but I don’t even feel this is a competitor because it deliver a different service. VISA is a world-known company that covers payment all over the globe, and they describe themselves as “a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments.”[1]. I have a safe relationship to VISA, and that is an essential property for a payment company because they actually transports your money safely to the company you buys from. And money is a valuable belonging that we can use to pay for different things or services, so it’s important for the consumer to know that their belongings are safe.

VISA is the leading company that presents payment methods; it doesn’t even seem to have competitors, which strengthens the position of the company even more. The logo is clear and easy recognizable, and with the safety the company can provide it’s consumers they develop a strong personal relationship. I will claim that VISA has the strongest positioning of the three presented in this task, because of the elimination of competitors.


Describe its brand identity – exactly as you see it
Apple – a well-known word that describes the fruit that grows on threes. But when it’s used the way apple is using it, it can have a whole different meaning and story. By looking on the Apple logo and the facts about this company I can see that a whole of their advertisements is focusing on being simple, innovative, different (in a good way), covering needs in a phone, recognizable, trustworthy, everyone got it and being on the frontline of development. This is the way I perceive the company and the iPhone.

What do you think its positioning is currently?
Apple’s position now would be number one or two in the market of phones, with Samsung as its biggest competition. Also, the smaller companies are growing fast because of their cheaper phones that can present almost as many functions/features as the big companies, but it will be further into the future before this will affect Apple significantly. Their phones are premium, functional, have a wide range of uses and a simple and recognizable navigation. Apple either presents a new way to use the phone or follows up quickly on the other newly released functions. The price of the phones, and Apple products in general, are rinsing in price and by doing so theirs target group shrikes.

 What do you think the strategy for this specific product was?
I think the strategy that Apple used for the iPhone was mainly to produce a product that felt like it was brought from the future. It was not a regular feature to be interacting with the phone by touching the screen and with only few buttons. This was out of the ordinary and futuristic. Even though this was new it had a manageable price, which made the phone explode in the market. The iPhone sold itself in the growing market of phones.

What research do you think was done on this by the company who made it?
To make this phone Apple had to integrate touch-sensitive screen into a functional phone. They made a simple and easy maneuvered phone that covered all the needs that needed to be satisfied in a phone, such as calling, texting, Internet surfing and playing. They had to figure a way to make the screen change design as well as the touch sensitive layout.

When they started developing the phone Apple needed to look at other firms that produced phones and how they did. I will guess that they looked at competitors and saw how they was marketing themselves, and then found a way to do it different. I think Apple has marketed themselves in a different and successful way compared to their competitions. The Mac computers with the glowing apple on the back of the computer are seen in a lot of different movies, and I think this was a crucial marketing strategy. The logo of Apple is always very visible on every product they make, and this was a strong marketing strategy.

Now, take the same product (iPhone) and explain, in your own words, how the visual element (in this case, the logo) fits in with the brand identity.
The brand identity as I’ve perceived it shares a lot of the qualities that I find in the logo. The logo is an apple with a little piece missing. The logo is simple and clear and it’s easy to see what it shapes. With the piece of the apple missing I feel like they stand out in a crowd of apples and are different from the rest, this fits well with how they are positioned in the market. There are a whole lot of computers and then there is Apple, with the own design and their own computer software. The Apple logo has throughout the years gained a reputation of being exclusive, recognizable and trustworthy, all of which suits my perceiving of the company. Overall I think the logo fits Apple perfectly and was a good choice in the start. Also the logo has gained a marvelous reputation throughout the years.




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