A little sneak peak

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you in on the process of taking pictures and finding motives that I want to use for the Mandatory Assignment number four, about photography. The task is to take several photos and at least one for the following topics; night photo, freeze water, “misty” / “veil”, the golden section, motion, contrast, low key or high key, curves and lines, drawing with light and depth. All of these topics demand different types of skills to present a good, quality image.

Until now I’ve brought my camera every time I walk out the door, so that when I see something that looks good or can suit the task I have a good camera ready. I have the Canon 550D and I’ve actually had this for several years (at least 6 years) and haven’t been used too often. I am a demanding amateur so I haven’t been so pleased with the lens that was supplied with the camera, so I took this opportunity and bought myself a new lens with a lower f-stop (reaches 1,8) and zoom from 18-35mm. It is the third party Sigma brand, and it’s a part of the Art-collection they supply. I bought it used so I got it for a good price! And now, of course I feel like I need a zoom lens… But I’ll keep my hands tied and get to know this lens and use a lot of time to decide weather I need the zoom lens or not.

And to the pictures! I’ll post them below and give a short description of each with the camera settings that I used. None of those are edited.

togskinner.jpgThis was taken with the original Canon lens that was supplied with the camera without a tripod. It’s at the train station next to the apartment we live in, in Copenhagen.
Camera settings: ISO 640, 55mm, f/10 and shutter speed 1/15.

trafikkThis was the night I bought the new lens, and I borrowed a tripod to take some pictures in the night and capturing the movement of cars and the light they provide.
Camera settings: ISO 200, 20mm, f/8 and shutter speed 13,0 sec.

metro_bevegelseThe many photos that are taken on the metro here in Copenhagen inspired me to make something similar. I really liked the feeling of travelling that is provided with this picture, it’s like traveling in super high speed.
Camera settings: ISO 100, 20mm, f/2,5 and shutter speed 1sec.


I bought these flowers just to make this picture, I thought I would use the white flower on a black background and then make the big contrast. During the shoot I felt like I would include a small flower bud to make the contrast even clearer. I am REALLY happy with this shoot. Here I’m using a new tripod I’ve also bought to make the picture as sharp as possible.
Camera settings: ISO100, 35mm, f/1,8 and shutter speed 1/60.

Here I actually took some pictures of how I solved the task. I taped up a black bag, t-shirt and used our black chairs to make a small little studio to the flower. I sat it up next to our big window with a lot of natural light but I took the pictures while the window was in the shadow to make a more soft lighting. There is actually no extra lighting but the one from the window, luckily we have floor to roof windows that provide a lot of comforting light. And to achieve the all black background I used low f-stops, this makes the background really blurry. And remember to make som distance between the object your shooting and the background if you want it to appear like a solid background.

So this was a little start on the MA04. And btw, to achieve these pictures I’ve taken at least 200-300 pictures… It takes time and also just the right composition of the pictures! I am really happy with the result and I need to send a thanks to The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby, I’ve learned a lot of really smart ways to use my camera and to solve hurdles I’ve come across. I really like the way this book is so easy to read and are very to the point and spesific. Each site in the book present a new task and how to solve it.

And a source I’ve used to find ideas and places to take photos here in Copenhagen: https://500px.com/search?submit=Send&q=Copenhagen&type=photos


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