LA week 6

This week is all about typography and the way type should and should not be used. We’ve learned a lot of different aspects of type that have never crossed my mind. I’ve learned a whole lot of new words, it has been challenging and a lot of reading and studying, but it has come to an end and here comes the task of the week.

We were asked to choose two words from a list, and mine became “elimination” and “disruption”. Then we should make a new word that is not in the dictionary and give the new word a meaning. This is what I came up with.

Slafting – When someone or something is slowly tilting to one side or another.

And so on we were to arrange the letters on an A4 paper digitally. We could use a font of our own choice, but could only use that one font. The only ways we could alter our font was to change the size, orientation, colors and weights from the typeface. I wanted to make a simple design that represented the word, like the word showed itself before it was read. Like if you could read the word without reading it, just understanding it from the composition. So here’s what I came up with.LA_week6_elimination-100
I feel that by removing the A in “elimination” that the word itself described the word. And also, to make a more dramatic effect I placed a black bar behind the text and made the first part of the word white. The bar is splitting the empty space in to, visually in the middle, but actually a little bit closer to the “T”. We’ve learned so much about equally weight in the text and I had that in mind when I was placing the black rectangle in the back.

This word really describes itself. It is dramatically placed letters in different sizes, weight and some in italic. Note: all the letters is a part of the “Shree Devanagari 714” and the carefully made weights of the originally created font.

This is my own word – slafting. It is more fun and soft than the other two words, and are carefully positioned and tilted, so they look like they tilts along with the reading of the word. The sizes vary a lot, but I felt like I ended up with an even positioning of the letters.

I feel pleased with the task and I know A LOT more about typography now than I did before. (I’ve also made myself a folder with typography on Pinterest).

I forgot to add some of the few sketches I made. I do prefer to work with type on screen because there is a whole different image when you get the text solid color and can make just small adjustment and see big difference right away. But here you is my sketches:

Skjermbilde 2017-03-19 kl. 15.06.12


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