“To the Lighthouse”

The last learning activity in this week 7 I made a cover for the book “To the lighthouse”. Fist I planned on drawing and animating the book cover but ended up putting together different pictures to make a suiting and realistic looking picture to the front. I used three different pictures and by doing so I had a lot of freedom to choose how the final picture would look like. I chose a stormy ocean and a dark sky with a small amount of light coming through in the middle, and finally I added an outcrop with the lighthouse on. I adjusted colors on the different layers so that the image would look like a whole. I choose a dark blue color-tone to the image and used the two hues of yellow to add a complementary color as the task suggested. I feel like the cover ended up with a dramatic look and a sense of hope in the yellow color as well as in the sky with a small amount of light coming through. I also added a small, radial gradient to make the lighthouse look like it shines.


Link to the borrowed images:


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