Week 9

This week is about Photography and to get to know our SRL camera. To do so we’ve been asked to name the buttons on the front and back of the camera ass well as how we change some basic settings. I’ve got a Canon 55D or Rebel T2i camera and it’s the same I’ve had for years.

Name all the functions / buttons on the front of your camera

Depth-of-field preview button
Lens release button
Flash button
Shutter button
Main dial (the wheel)
ISO speed setting button

Name all the functions / buttons on the back of your camera

Menu button
Shooting Setting display button
Dioptric adjustment knob
Live view shooting/movie shooting button (choosing to se the image in display or viewfinder or start pause a film)
AE lock/ FE lock button/ Index /Reduce button
AF point selection
Aperture / Exposure compensation button
Quick control button
Playback button
Setting button (surrounded by arrows “Cross buttons” to help navigation on screen)
Erase button

Explain how you would set the correct ISO

It depends on the image, the amount of light in the surrondings, but I would mostly prefer to have it down on 100-200 to avoid grains. To change the setting manually you can either press the ISO button on top as well as rotating the main dial/the wheel or use the cross buttons to choose the preferred value. Or you can press the Quick control button and then you can navigate to the ISO setting on the display, press SET and then choose with the arrows or wheel.

Explain how you would change the aperture.

The aperture is measured in f-stops and to change this you can press the Quick control button, navigate to the F value on screen and then rotate the wheel to change value.

Explain how you would change the shutter speed.

The shutter speed can be changed by just rotating the wheel, this can be done both while you’re looking at the display or through the viewfinder. It is also possible to change this after you’ve pressed the Quick control button but that would be a waste of time unless you’re already changing other settings.

Here is a copy of the handbook for the Canon 550D with description of all of the buttons and elements on the camera.

Skjermbilde 2017-03-26 kl. 20.56.28Skjermbilde 2017-03-26 kl. 20.56.44


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