Week 10-11

Here is the rest of the task we did the week 10 and 11. I didn’t manage to upload the pictures before now.

The first task was to put rearrange shapes cut out of black paper, and try to find the point at which the figure disappears into the ground. I did a lot of different variations and here are a selection of what I put together.

To sum up this task I felt like each time the figures occupied the corners of the white rectangle the distinction between figure and ground became weak. But it was also very hard to define the figure and the ground when the figure occupied half the rectangle or more.

The next task was to test our sketching skills and be more aware of placement of objects in a layout.IMG_6196IMG_6198IMG_6200
I became aware of that the placement of objects can trigger different feelings in the viewer. If you place objects entering the end of a page then you can trigger the viewer to flip to the next page to continue the reading. You can actually make movement in a layout to trigger a preferred order the viewer should reed in.


Then I have traced the grid of magazine pages. We were to do this so that we can see how they’ve chosen to have their margins, columns, images and so on. The sketch should only be rough and just outline the objects. I didn’t have tracing paper so I just used some greaseproof paper from the kitchen!

IMG_6194This was four column pages but at the first page three of the columns were a picture with the heading and introduction on the image. The columns are always the same size and the margins vary from top, to the sides and bottom. The top has a smaller margin than the rest, and the sides and bottom are the same size.

The tasks of this week made me aware of a lot of aspects of layout that I didn’t think about before. It was a very educational week and have made me realize that layout is very important.


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