LA – week 20

Now we have started the part of Graphic Design where we are going to focus on Web Design. We are starting small with a lot of video lectures and getting a idea of how HTML, CSS and JavaScript are working both separately and together.

This weeks learning activity was to make a wireframe for a website, either a real company or just a fictitious one. I chose to make for the restaurant that I’m currently working part time on. I wasn’t aware that they already had a website before I was finished with my wireframe so I probably should have made for another company or fictitious restaurant. But here are my low-tech wireframe:


I chose to make a low-tech wireframe because I think it is always good to start at sketch and when I manage to do this type of tasks then I can move over to the more hi-tech solutions. I’ve figures out that I should always try all the different types of approach of the different tasks even though I prefer to make sketches like this digitally in a program like Illustrator. I think that a non-interactive wireframe made in Illustrator gives me more freedom to make changes and small adjustments without messing up the paper with a lot of pencil strokes or eraser marks..


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