LA – week 21

This week we were to copy the content from a website of our own choice and then re-design the content in three different ways. I searched a bit on the web to find a website that I thought needed some updates on the design and I ended up choosing That is a website for news within the subject “research”. I think the site looks a bit messy and the different colors at the subjects in the menu makes it look childish and makes the viewer question if the site is trustworthy. So, here is the original look: OrgWith my three versions of the site I try to make the site as clean as a news site can possible be. I also changed up the colors a bit and wanted to separate the commercials from the news. I tried 3 different color themes and also tried out a more modern version of the web-sites and also some more “typical news website”.


As you can see, I gave this design a bigger and bolder header to make the site itself differ from all the news. And a button on the left to easily send the viewer down to the news.  


I made this as simple as possible and divided each article and the commercials from each other. I think that this probably would be a great and simple look to a website that focus on the subjects of matter, the news.


This is more of a traditional news website, with the thin header and menu along the top. I created a drop down meny for all of the designs so that it is easily access all the subjects and also the specific ones. Also here I separated the content and the commercials.


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