LA W5 & 6 – Typography


1. Define the term “typography” in your own words.

The term typography can be hard to explain, but in short, it is the art of arranging letters and words. There are two ways to look at typography, the macro view Continue reading “LA W5 & 6 – Typography”


LA W4 – Sketching techniques​

TASK 1 & 2 – Define, in your own words, the printmaking terms. And find examples on the Internet to represent each of those terms.

Wood engraving – The artwork is carved into a block of wood so that the design is at the level with the surface while the background is carved out. Afterward, Continue reading “LA W4 – Sketching techniques​”

LA W2 – Gestalt Theory


The Gestalt Theory consists of six different principles; similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure and ground, and symmetry and order. The whole idea of the theory is that the human eye and brain can perceive things for more than they are. For example, we can close shapes that actually are not defined, this is explained more thoroughly in the closure principle.

Continue reading “LA W2 – Gestalt Theory”