Week 19 – Starting off with Web Design

With this the first semester at Noroff has ended. We are now kick-starting the second semester and are being introduced to the principles of web design and the basic information on the subject. I’m really looking forward to look at coding again, I’ve got some basic knowledge from IT2 at my Upper Secondary School and I really loved working with codes then. So I belive it will be even better this time!

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LA – week 10 – 11

This week we learned about layout. We looked at differences in how layout, pace and contrast characterized printed forms of graphic design and interactive forms of graphic design. And this is what I’am solving in this task, the task brief goes like this: Compare the design (in terms of pace and contrast) of an online magazine, blog or website to that of a printed magazine, book or journal. What differences can you see between the kinds of design strategies used in the two formats?
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