Mandatory Assignments

First semester:
MA01 – MA02 – MA03 – MA04Semester project 1Portfolio 1

Second semester:
MA05 – MA06 – MA07 – MA08 – Project Exam 1Portfolio 2

Third semester (GRA2):
MA01MA03 – MA02 – Semester Project 2 – Portfolio 3

Forth semester:

First semester


Shortened brief: Go online and study the nine provided principles. After, pick three principles that stand out to you an illustrate each. You can use your own techniques but there are a few ground rules: 1 each item will be made by hand, 2 you are free to use any relevant material and 3 each item must be 25cm x 25xcm.

Submitted work: Passed


This MA we were assigned to make a logo for a fictions restaurant food and malt. We were provided with information about the restaurant and wished for what the logo should include. They wanted the logo to present a restaurant with great food and a large variety of beer, with an adult customer group. The logo should reflect hipster letterpress, quality, homemade and professional.

Submitted work: Passed

Food&Malt logo_final-100

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In this assignment, we made a recipe booklet. The booklet was aimed at students with a lower economy and included simple recipes. The booklet was made for the company “Opplysningskontoret for egg og kjøtt” and all the recipes included eggs, which is both healthy and cheap. We were provided with images and content, we could add more images and content but were not allowed to remove anything. Else we were free to decide how to solve the task.

Submitted work: Passed

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The MA04 is all about photography and getting to know your camera. We got this task handed out already in academic week 2, but wasn’t going to submit it until academic week 18. I think we got this amount of time that we had a lot of opportunities to shoot outside and plan different settings. The task was to take a minimum of one image for each of the ten briefed categories (you can see them In the pdf below) and submit the best for each category and put them in a collage. Afterward, we had to decide which 3 images that we shot was the best, and underpin why.

Submitted work: Passed

GRA1_MA_04_photography_Julie B. Fjeldsbø



The Project Exam is to develop an authentic graphic design project for a real or fictitious client (being a company, an organization or a small business). If choosing a client You must approach them yourself, and maintain a client-designer relationship throughout the project period.

During the semester project, I chose to work with a smart house and electro firm called Elicom. They’re stationed in Bergen and met up with them to discuss ideas they had I what they wanted from this. I also came with a lot of different ideas of sketches and symbols to use in the logo. They really liked what I had in mind and on the first meeting, we settled on an idea that we both thought could be a perfect logo. We maintained contact during the period through emails because I live in Copenhagen for the moment.

Submitted work: Grade A

Indoor Signage Mockup.jpg

Business Card Mock-Up.jpg

Skjermbilde 2017-05-22 kl. 04.42.51

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Please note that the green color in the booth design is not represented correctly, the green color should be the same hue as in the other designs.

Brochure (holds placeholder images just for visualization purposes, cannot be used commercially): Elicom_brochure_SP1_Julie B. Fjeldsbø

Design manual: Designmanual


The portfolio this semester includes all the MAs we have done so far. We were able to adjust and improve the MAs, but I did not do this because of the lack of time.

Submitted work: Grade A
All the assignments can be shown above. 

Second semester


The first task of this semester is to make an online web menu for a sushi restaurant. The MA was uploaded online. We were provided with content and dishes from a restaurant, the name, logo or any branding was irrelevant in this task.

Submitted work: Passed
Link: http://juliefjeldsbo.no/sushimenu/index.htm


In this assignment, we were set to do a photoshoot for a radio station and make an advertising for both web and print, in different sizes. The task was extremely fun but also demanding. The studio shooting is something that I’ve never done before but I had the pleasant opportunity to borrow a studio from a friend so that I was able to work with several lightings and a great wall in both black and white.
For the task, I chose to define my target audience as young adults, both students and those who don’t study. Specified age will be 16 to 25. They should be interested in music and preferably new music that is not categorized to pop. They can live in the whole country as long as there has connection to the DAB radio system. A lot of them will have interest in making their own music, but there is room for «just» music lovers as well.

Submitted work: Passed
GRA1_MA_06_ Studio_Shooting_Julie B. Fjeldsbø

Advert for the web, such as Spotify:


Advert for print, such as a poster:



In this assignment, we worked with web development and print design. The brief said that we should make an interactive webpage to display 4 pre-decided cycling routes in and around Bergen and a poster to show the same information. In the poster, we had more freedom to choose what information to display and how to solve it. To see the final webpage click here. Please note that the website is not responsive so it will not adapt to fit your mobile, tablet and computer screen. In addition to the webpage and poster, I made a logo to make the designs consistent and so that easily can relate to each other.

Submitted work: Passed

Mac 1Poster 1Poster 2


Over a period of four weeks, we worked with branding, packaging, and presentation. We were to make a name, logo, infographics, brochure, package design and present all of them in a design manual. The workload was the LA’s of all the four week project period because of the amount of work and because we worked on this MA the same time as MA07.

Submitted work: Passed


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Foodis_mockup_package&brochure copy

Point of salePet store - Foodis



The assignment is to develop a project website for a company or an organization (or another project area selected by the student and approved by the school.) The project must be approved by the tutor prior to the project period. The website should be HTML styled with CSS. If a student chooses to produce a WordPress site, the design must be original and produced by the student and clearly deviate from available WordPress themes.

My website is a WordPress site, but not created from a theme. The site is developed with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

Submitted work: Grade A

Link to the website: http://elicomas.juliefjeldsbo.no


The portfolio this semester includes all the MAs we have done in the second semester. We were able to adjust and improve the MAs, and I did some small changes to some of them before I uploaded them to my web page. This semester we presented the final assignments online, click the link below.

Submitted work: Grade B
All the assignments from the second semester can be shown above.
Link to the web page: http://juliefjeldsbo.no/project-type/skolerelatert/


Third semester


The brief for this project communicated that we were to make a magazine for a foreign publishing house. Along with the brief we got 8 articles to choose from, and we had to include 6 of them in our magazine. The name and concept for the magazine should be created by the student, but strongly convey the feeling in the articles. The magazine should include:

  • Brief visual strategy and concept (You can create a style board to show this.)
  • Name and logo
  • A grid and layout for the entire magazine
  • Front page / back page
  • Table of contents / colophon
  • Article pages (select 6 of 8 the articles in the attachment).
  • The title, byline, introduction, subheadings, body text, captions, pagination.
  • Photography and illustration
  • Physically dummy paper

Submitted work: Passed
Link to PDF of my magazine: Vistic v 1.7 – spreads

Spread - art no 6 - 2.jpg


The student are to create a street poster for this mandatory assignment. The main focus is on photographt, and should promote a pedestrian zone and reflects its unique features. The poster should consist of a photo, slogan, logo, and could also consist of any other design elements the student whould like to add. The poster should be A2 portrait.


MA02 (ongoing)